East Indian Population Decreased By More Than 100,000 since 1980; 2020 Victory Unlikely

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The PPPC are faking outrage, they know that the PPP did not engage in elections fair play in 2020 and haven’t since perhaps 2011. They have been extraordinarily lucky though, GECOM, under the Chairmanship of PPP advocate Steve¬†Surujbally never bothered to clean up the “bloated list” in 2015 and by the time they tried in 2020, the courts lacking a thorough understanding of how the PPPC had prepared for massive rigging, denied GECOM the right to clean up the list of electors. This action by the courts will go down as the single most disastrous decision in the history of Guyana.

The truth is, the PPPC have always been shrewd and organised in their attempts to steal elections. For years, they monitored the annual emigration of the East Indian population with a growing sense of dread.

The East Indian population decreased by 96,924 citizens between 1980 – 2012

According to data found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the East Indian community decreased by 96,924 citizens between the 32 year period of 1980 to 2012. The vast majority emigrated to countries where chain migration policies allowed family members to sponsor relatives for emigration to purportedly greener pastures.

Note the East Indian population decreased by 25% between 1980 to 2012

One can reasonably make the assumption that the rate of decrease of the East Indian population in Guyana would increase significantly between 2012 to 2020 and mostly because of chain migration and the fact that the pool of Guyanese turned foreign citizens who live abroad, and now able to sponsor relatives has increased significantly.

But we will use the conservative range of an average annual decrease of .78% – 1.25% of the population to project the number of East Indians who left the shores of Guyana since 2012. Using the 2012 population (census) of 297,493 as a base, we project that an additional 6% – 10% of the population has migrated since 2012, accounting for a further decrease of an additional 17,849 – 29,750 citizens. East Indians now account for a new population total in 2020 of around 279,644 – 267,743 citizens.

The devastating decrease in the PPP voter base has been historically reflected in the decreasing number of PPP votes since 1997. The PPP panicked, took the decision to rig the 2015 voter’s list with what we now know to be bloat of dead people and people who have left the country.

Between 1997 and 2011, while the PPPC were still winning relatively free and fair elections, they were becoming increasingly alarmed that they were rapidly losing votes. (See figure below). If this trend continued, their era of political domination would soon be over and for all of the foreseeable future, so they engineered the rig we are now uncovering.

Figure reflects how total number of votes continued to decrease from 1997 to 2011

2 thoughts on “East Indian Population Decreased By More Than 100,000 since 1980; 2020 Victory Unlikely

  1. The ppp are a bunch of crooks all of its members want locking up esspecially jagdeo the architect. Right thinking guyanese know its impossible for the ppp to win the 2020 election, my Takei think the ppp want banding from competing any other elections in Guyana

  2. I am not surprised. I worked at The airport and saw migration during the 70s and 80s. What saddens me, these Indians, who came from Guyana to the U.S. and Canada, capitalised on the virtues of the civil rights gains that BLACKS died for, abuse of every sort we suffered, then jumped on the freedom boat to PROSPERITY. These indians came to the shores of America smiled in the faces of the BLACK Guyanese then went about their business of chartering a different form of racism for which they are known. Go to Richmond Hill in Queens NY and you will see racism in the form of redlining. Redlining, that is illegal in the U.S. has become a way of life forvtge Guyanese Indians. Not all came here legally; do you recall the panditbwho was jailed for his part in illegal immigration?
    The Guyanese Indian can be very unscrupulous and conniving. Therefore, the voting scandal is not surprising to me. They cover every nick and cranny to win with little physical effort. How can someone come from Guyana and within 2 years is worth a million with property in both Guyana and NY?
    Oil and gas is the catalyst of the modern Guyanese Indian. They want to wipe out the BLACKS as mentioned in the many videos and blogs. Let us hope the BLACKS stand up to the pending genocide. I am BLACK with half Indian relatives. Call it like it is.

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