ABCE “Three Blind Mice” racism and hypocrisy!

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There is nothing reasonable nor polite that one can write to respectfully convince the representatives of the oppressive ABCE countries, that they are in fact inflaming passions in Guyana with their biased statements, that their interventions will not convince the masses because we can all see their attempt to tip the scales, that we read their news everyday and understand their own legacies of intervention, racism, and installation of despots if it helps them to achieve their geopolitical or economic goals.

It is clear that they are neither interested in fairness nor justice. America today continues to struggle with disenfranchised Black voters, racist killings of unarmed Black citizens, an insane president, massive discrimination in education, healthcare, the justice system and nearly every single area of American life, yet the American representative in Guyana continues to lecture Guyanese about some democracy which her country does not even recognize.

If the PPPC are the winners, then they must take government, and if the coalition are the winners then they must take government, but the elections must be seen to be transparent and fair. From this vantage point, it isn’t. The people of Guyana will have to ultimately solve their own problems. If the ABCE continues to intervene in Guyana’s domestic affairs, they will lose (more) credibility with half of the country.

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