The miscalculation of Bharrat Jagdeo, the PPPC and the international community

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Because the cabal of stakeholders working tirelessly against the coalition are mostly ethnic supremacists, that is to say, believers in a hierarchy of power in Guyana with white supremacy dominating, yielding only to the fancies of Indian hegemony; they have failed to appreciate just how much Bharrat Jagdeo’s is reviled by Guyana’s descendants of kidnapped and enslaved Africans who were shipped to Guyana (literally), more than 200 years before the first Indian indentured labourer was brought to this land.

Bharrat Jagdeo is as reviled in the African community as he is loved in the East Indian community. It was he after all who gave tacit approval to the extrajudicial killings of more than 400 African youth in Guyana. It was also he who organised the hapless and broken PPPC losers in 2015, and single handedly marched them to the political impasse we must endure today.

What the UN, the ABCE representatives, the private sector, and PPP supporters do not understand is that Africans are resolved not to return to the vindictiveness, the murders, the disrespect, the racism, the ostracism, the rancid abuse meted out to them during the 23 years of PPPC reign.

There is no solution short of outright victory, a return to the polls or a unity government that will satisfy African Guyanese. They will use their massive power of the purse to engage a massive boycott of Indian owned businesses if the matter is not properly resolved. They will protest without regard to COVID-19 and government sponsored, police enforced abuses. They will agitate relentlessly. They will not yield to the destructive, lying, fraudulent forces lined up against them. Surrender simply will not happen.

So where do we go from here? Maybe the international forces who are motivated to build a military base near Venezuela and who are keen to control Guyana’s oil will understand that the matter is out of the hands of the politicians with whom they whisper. There is no Guyanese politician who will be able to come to the African people and ask them to yield. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

The PPP and her international friends will have to decide if, in the final analysis, 1/2 a loaf is better than none.

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