Shared Government No Panacea For AfroGuyanese!

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Any proposed Government of National Unity must correct the PPP’s 23-year racist exclusion of Africans from the political/economy of Guyana, particularly the economy. It will be absurd and, quite frankly, matchless folly, for Africans to agree to a so-called Government of National Unity that includes the PPP without, firstly, securing two key demands: Hold all individuals complicit in the murders of African citizens accountable, including congenital racist, Bharrat Jagdeo; and, grant control of key sectors of Guyana’s economy to Africans, from which we were excluded, so that we can build capacity for ourselves.

The latter is necessary because the losers of the March 2020 elections who are clamoring for a government of national unity will undoubtedly, in short order, outmaneuver the current winners and wrest control of the entire government from right under their noses! When that happens, we will be masters of our own destiny, and not victims of the racist whims of the PPP!

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