Minister Cathy Hughes Rejects PPP Accusations

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While Robert Persaud was a Minister in the PPP government, his TV channel 65 which was licensed to him by then President Bharrat Jagdeo, under the ‘friends and family’ plan raked in more than$100 million dollars per year in government ad revenue.

Taxpayers essentially funded the license and maintenance of Channel 65, which Robert Persaud later sold for millions of dollars.

It is therefore ironic to observe PPP and Stabroek News continued harassment of Minister Hughes for some negligible percentage of ad revenue earned by an independent company run by Russell Lancaster. Readers must also note that Stabroek News at that time could find no conflict of interest in Robert Persaud’s flagrant abuse of his ministerial powers but continues to harass Minister Hughes with accusations about a company from which she has demonstrably stepped away since 2015.

In an invited comment Minister Hughes reiterated that, “…The management of the business of the company since May 2015 has been conducted by veteran media expert Russel Lancaster.
Videomega Productions Inc. wishes to repeat its earlier statement that Minister Catherine Hughes does not participate in the running of the company.”

As the unscrupulous, power hungry, PPP and the axe grinding Stabroek News Organization, continue to team up to harass Minister Hughes with every increasing lies, we urge readers to be cautious when absorbing ‘news’ from these agents of destruction who have their own agendas.

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