PPP plans for public unrest in Region No. 3 Revealed

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Information has been received by usually credible sources that the General Secretary of the PPP Bharrat Jagdeo has allegedly ordered massive demonstrations in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region on Sunday April 28, 2019. Protesters are to be recruited from Regions 4, 5 and 6 and bussed into the Essequibo Island – West Demerara Region. Freedom House has approved this plan and all protesters will be paid for their participation.

What is more sinister is that our sources have also revealed that Kwame Mc Coy and Jason Abdulla, known operatives of the PPP, have been recruiting youths from Tiger Bay, Sophia and the South Georgetown areas for a ‘special operation’ on the West Bank of Demerara on Sunday April 28, 2019. This information sounds similar to the exercise that was planned by the PPP for March 22, 2019; on that occasion youth from Sophia, Tiger Bay and Albouystown were recruited by the PPP to engage in hostile demonstrations in Georgetown.

The plan called for these individuals to wear green jersey and/or shirts and engage in violence against PPP demonstrators. These activities will be filmed and distributed internationally by the PPP.

2 thoughts on “PPP plans for public unrest in Region No. 3 Revealed

  1. Bharrat jagdeo is nothing but a mischief maker trying his best to brain wash stupid Guyanese, they are forgetting during d time of his reign d numerous blood shed n unsolved crime n many many more bad tings dat e caused to befall dis country, it was horrible.

  2. Since this alleged intended plot has been exposed and brought to the knowledge of the entire population of Guyana..that the PPP motives of bringing Unrest ..destruction and racial infraction and unrest in Guyana ..our Law Enforcement and National Security Intelligence network should and will be entrenched and fully deployed to counter and prevent these intended Act of Internal Terrorism for tha’s exactly what it will be ..These were the same subversive acts that caused the then British sovereign in British Guiana..Guyana to imprisoned Dr.Cheddie Jagan and his wife Janet Jagan..in 1954..But what bothers me is why ever other Ethnic races always pick on and try to employ the Blacks to do their dirty work for them ..and those misguided blacks would gladly do it for 30 pieces of silver to disgrace ..embarrass and tear down the Black leadership in Guyana ..But rest assured The Guyana Police Force…the Guyana Defense Force..and other National Security Units in Guyana are prepared ..and will perform the necessary duties within the confines of Law and Order..Be warned ..all those Intellectual Authors whose intend is to destroy the APNU/AFC coalition Government and Guyana..will end up in Sibley Hall Mazaruni..that’s where political prisoners are usually kept in Guyana..

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