Single Citizenship is no safeguard or “escape hatch” against acting in the interest of a foreign country

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By Keith Williams
Single Citizenship is no more a safeguard or “escape hatch” against acting in the interest of a foreign country than dual citizens sitting in parliament. One can make an argument that it is not in keeping with the constitution. But to ascribe such nefarious motives to others is simply a matter of you engaging in the Freudian like disposition of assuming that people might behave like you.

I mean, you guys sit down here at home, and with your recent epiphanic acquisition of patriotism cast aspersions on the patriotic conscience of Guyanese who might be dual citizens. I mean, why do you believe that you are more patriotic than Guyanese who might have dual citizenship? Presuming that you have some divine power to look into the minds of others and predict what they might do represent a display of arrogance that is unquestionably narcissistic and Trumpian.

One can go down the line, examine the history and contributions of many who have never left Guyana, and find nothing, absolutely nothing material or significant that is indicative of their commitment to this Country. Because you have never left does not mean that have more love for this country than those who have. And many of us have made meaningful sacrifices the likes of which you cannot imagine, and probably would not even venture to do.

So I say a pox on that hubristic and narcissistic attitude. Many of you would not even a nation to pontificate these kinds of nonsense if many of us who left had not pledged our youth, and endured the most trying ordeals to ensure our collective sovereignty. So if you wish to use dual citizenship as a test or measurement to predict who is likely to sell out, I assume the right to use the measure of personal sacrifice on behalf of the national collective and sovereignty to predict who is likely to sell out.

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