RISE’s call for government resignation transparently hypocritical and deceptive

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by Rickford Burke
Stealth PPP outfit RISE has faked called on the APNU+AFC government to resign. They claim that their call is in accordance with the constitution. Maybe they are referring to the constitution of Uzbekistan, because 
when last I checked the Guyana constitution, Article 106 (7) said the government will resign after an election is held and a President sworn in. Is it possible that RISE and the PPP swore in a new President on a coconut plantation somewhere, and the rest of us just don’t know yet? 🤷🏾‍♂️

And look how transparently hypocritical and deceptive RISE is. Their statement further “urged the government to avoid any delay in seeking resolution of all the issues which the government has cited in questioning the validity of the vote.”

They know that the government wasted no time in filing a constitutional motion in the Supreme Court immediately after the Speaker’s decision not to review the vote, and that this motion will be heard by the court on January 15. Yet they put out this deceptive statement implying the government wants to delay the matter.

I have a suggestion for RISE, try writing the Chief Justice and tell her not to delay a resolution of the matter. Because the matter is now in her jurisdiction.

And I have a question for RISE too. When will ya’ll be merging with the PPP and the new Ralph Ramkarran party, to call y’all self a new coalition? Let the people know early so they can buy new clothes to wear at the old wedding.

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