Understanding how race, politics and power works in Guyana

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by Keith Williams

Chris Ram files a motion before the court to pronounce that the NCM was legally passed ostensibly to avoid a constitutional crises. What we see here is an example of when ethnicity comes home to politics in Guyana. What we witness here is an example of how deeply embedded the complexity of ethnic preference is in not only the decision making of some, but most importantly how it develops and shapes their reality.

The actions that brought about a constitutional crisis, is the corrupt and treacherous plan designed to bring down the Government of Guyana. The considerations and arguments that the performance of this Government was so bad that replacing it with the PPP would be rational is based on the equal and more equal principle. It has to be. This Government has not equipped and encourage armed gangs to go out kill people based on their perceived politics, race or ethnicity. This Government has not ordered Law Enforcement to use deadly force on protesters. This Government has not used tax payer dollars for infrastructure development designed to be controlled by private interest. This Government has not arrested and engaged in political prosecutions against its perceived opponents. In fact this Government has been reluctant to act on credible evidence that is more than sufficient for an indictment of several former leaders of the PPP, and many in its political associative structure. And perhaps that latter represent one of its most naive and irrational decisions.

So what Christopher Ram’s contention is essentially, is that a couple of wrongs and faux pas by a three year old Government headed by an African Guyanese is far worse than 23 years of vigilante killings, tortures, assassinations and theft of a Government headed by Indian Guyanese. Yeah, you for whom the analysis must be politically correct, must involve false equivalencies and bothsidism natterings, will react with consternation over what I present here. Well, I am not exactly unacquainted with minds like yours that will perform illogical acrobatics in examinations like these because, at all cost, you must not be seen or perceived to be defending the rights and concerns of African Guyanese. Because in your captured minds, defending the rights and concerns of African Guyanese is equivalent to not defending the rights and concerns of Indian Guyanese. Is equivalent to being racist against Indian Guyanese because the rights and concerns of African Guyanese do not matter, and so that should never come under consideration in examination like these. I am attempting to restrain my emotions and outrage, so I will not utilize the expletives I consider appropriate at this time.

The Stabroeknews, one of the ethnically owned, controlled and whose editorially positions are products of such persuasions, on August 20, 2009 reported that, “Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan was probably the most complete criminal in this country’s history. His guilty plea for trafficking in cocaine, witness tampering and gun running last March has robbed the nation of the detailed exposure of his criminal networks and relationships and leaves lots of questions unanswered…..” So, have those questions been sufficiently answered that SN can now ignore the crimes, the suffering, the deaths that were products of the operation of Khan’s “Criminal Network”. Further, what deficiency in journalistic curiosity, journalistic intellectualism, journalistic objectivity inhibits SN from putting two and two together, as we witness being done every day in the West, as reporters and the organs with which they are associated diligently search for truth.

Roger Khan’s operation was in Guyana at a period when the PPP was in power. He had close relationships with the PPP and many of its senior Ministers as well as acolytes in the business community. According to that SN 2009 article, “….Special Agent Cassandra Jackson of the United States Drug Enforcement Adminis-tration said it all. In her affidavit to support the charges against Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, she told a Federal court in Brooklyn that “Khan was ultimately able to control the cocaine industry in Guyana, in large part, because he was backed by a paramilitary squad that would murder, threaten, and intimidate others at Khan’s directive. Khan’s enforcers committed violent acts and murders on Khan’s orders that were directly in furtherance of Khan’s drug trafficking…..”

We seem, when one examine these facts and relate the understanding we draw from them with what we see coming from the Chris Rams, the Ramkarrans, the David Hinds et al, to be living in that fictitious surreal world portrayed in the American Movie “Idiocrasy”. A world where water was replaced with a liquid called “Brando” and rationalized with the obtuse explanations that “Brando got electrolytes”. Because people from whom we read and hear those squeaking calls for the Government to resign are exhibiting a similar level of intelligence as the characters in that movie. They are trapped in a linear trajectory of reasoning where nothing else exist, nothing else is important, nothing else count, except the “Government should resign” and thus make way for the corrupt and diabolical leadership they prefer, to plant its metaphorical jackboots on the necks of its traditional political enemies. Again, I refrain to using language that accurately depict my opinion and sentiments of these people.

Let us unpack this excerpt from the SN 2009 report, and deduce from that process, what a return to power by the PPP with an unchanged leadership cadre, and with no accountability for its actions, can mean for Guyana in general, and African Guyanese in particular. “……According to Jackson, the US Government’s case was to establish that Khan was the leader of a “violent drug trafficking organisation” and that he and his co-conspirators obtained large quantities of cocaine and then imported the cocaine into the Eastern District of New York and other places for further distribution.

It was while he was managing his drug-smuggling business in neighbouring Suriname that the law finally caught up with Khan. At home in Guyana, Khan seemed to enjoy a charmed existence of immunity from arrest and prosecution. His mistake, however, was to enter Suriname − a more law-abiding jurisdiction. There, his cocaine-constructed house of cards collapsed with his dramatic arrest in Paramaribo…..”

Roger Khan enjoyed a charmed existence in Guyana while he was smuggling drugs to the US and elsewhere, and tracking down and murdering and assassinating African Guyanese, one in particular who was engaged in political activism against the PPP, and a self acclaimed black activist representing African Guyanese. He was immune from arrest and prosecution. When he was caught by a GDF intelligence patrol with weapons and a phone intercept equipment, that unit was disbanded, Khan was released and the equipment was handed back to him. The acquisition of that equipment was traced back to a spy shop in the US, and the manager and person who sold it testified under oath that Leslie Ramsammy, the then PPP Minister of Health, used the Government authority to purchase that equipment for Khan. The Manager also testified that he sent down a technician to Guyana to train Khan in the use of that equipment. Are you guys following this, because you need to in order to get the big picture.

Khan made the error of going to Suriname where the rule of law was in existence, unlike in his home country of Guyana. So we have to thank the law abiding nation of Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and the US for removing one of the most malevolent human scourge from the national body of Guyana. And since that scourge was in fact an agency of the political power in charge of the country at the time, a fact clearly established by this report, the reality today is that Chris Ram and others are seeking to return that scourge to the body of Guyana.

What excuse can you make. OK, you are following the dictates of the Constitution. So if the dictates of the constitution allows the return of a criminal scourge upon the land, present serious risk to the freedom, well being and lives of segments of the population, that is ok? Have you no decency folks, no lucid and logical grasp of what is moral and what is not? Are you so damn culturally racist that because you share ethnicity with leaders against whom there is valid and concrete evidence that they were involved in mass murders and assassinations, that is inconsequential. Your positions are, without the slightest degree of doubt, viscerally racist, or products of sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. And there is no intellectual argument that you can advance to rebut this. Your position unarguably proclaim that African Guyanese have no rights which you feel obligated to consider and respect, for if that were no so, you would not be behaving like the characters in the American Movie Idiocrasy, with “Brando got electrolytes” like justification for your actions.

SN, Chris Ram et al have once again found their symbiotic ethnic homes and loyalties, so the humanity and lives of the hundreds who were victims of vigilante lynchings, extra-judicial killings, torture and assassinations do not matter. There is no other logical reason for their linear positions, and we must not attempt to use euphemisms to describe it and them. They are not influence by morality, because your actions cannot sincerely be products of moral consciousness when that consciousness ignores issues that are far worse in terms of its effect upon lives and well being. It you are more incensed over the Government not resigning over a NCM, than you are over a political organization against whom there is credible evidence that it was involved in the crimes referenced heretofore once again returning to power, then there has to be some element in your character make-up that produces this pattern of reasoning. And the two most valid elements in that respect are either ethno/racial political affinity, or fashionable political ignorance and an affliction with political stupidity.

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