Jagdeo anxious & desperate that attempts to trick & bully coalition are failing

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by Keith Williams

The anxiety and urgency in which the PPP seek to topple the Government is fueled by two conditions, or circumstances. One is that sooner or later the Government will be compelled to address the issue of the vigilante lynchings that occurred under the PPP, and the assassination of Ronald Waddell and Courtney Crum-Ewing. Directly connected with that, and perhaps a corresponding igniting factor is imminent termination of the jail sentence of Roger Khan,  and the importance of the PPP being in national power when that event occur. 

Two is the lure of how control of potential oil revenue could enhance their personal wealth. The PPP’s leadership greed, obsession and thirst for personal wealth acquired through the agency of national power cannot be overstated. When one examines the meteoric transition in wealth from “selling cell phone cards” to owning mansions for some of them, especially during a period when most of those who voted for them over 23 years were barely eking out an existence on a daily basis, it is clear that Government for them is a means to a personal end. 

I do not understand why the foregoing would be a mystery to anyone who was paying attention in general, and of course the political opponents of the PPP in particular. Even further, one has to also ponder why many who claim to be examiners of the politics of Guyana exhibit either ignorance of the foregoing, or contentment with its existence. After all, if you claim that the well being of a nation and its peoples represent  the raison d’etre for your political involvement, examination and commentary, surely factors and issues that directly and adversely affect the well being of the nation and its peoples would be front and center in your expressed position. The two reasons why they might not be can only be ignorance of them which is highly unlikely, or contentment with them, which ismin line with my personal view of the character of most those examiners and pundits.

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