Racism (In Guyana) Does Not Cut Both Ways

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By Keith Williams

Racism does not cut both ways. Again we see the irrational perambulations that define the thought trajectory of the racist mindset. That yours coincide with what we witness in the arguments and contentions of the right wing Aryan assembly across the globe is both informative and instructive.

Any position that one’s group is is exceptionally endowed with moral and ethical qualities not present in others is racist. And that is exactly what you proposed with your silly argument that “Indians do not rig elections”. You might attempt to conceal that with your cunning and deceitfuul natterings, but in that short proclamation the full content of your racist mindset become transparently obvious.

No Guyanese group or individual is exceptional. All sin and fall short of the glory of “God” in a manner of speaking. But when one examines and scrutinize the epiphanic and convenient eruptions of many of you today, there is no question that what emerges represent the synthetizing of cultural myths and racist notions designed to promote and project the notion that you are exceptional. 

I have no hate or ill-will for any group. But I am an unapologetic, uncompromising, and fearless conveyor of inconvenient truths regardless of who it offends. I define racism as it is universally defined. I match attitudes, behaviors and expositions to those that are universally defined as racist. I will not engage in politically correct and obsequious pandering under the illusion that it will win me friends within or without the group with which I am ethnically connected. Those kinds of symbolic behaviors I leave for the simple minded.

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