“hungry belly black dawgs” will never subject themselves to Jagdeo’s rule again!

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With impunity they spew racist garbage daily on social media. So emboldened they are that they create videos, show their faces and attack fellow citizens with the most vile, anti-African racist language their tiny brains can imagine. They don’t have to work very hard, this is the language they have heard in their homes for decades, it is the language endorsed by nod and wink from PPP leaders and it is a reflection of the vile minds Afro-Guyanese have had to contend with in Guyana since time immemorial.

“we gun poison alya food” they say, “blackman cant run no country”, “blackman can’t run no business”, “we in control”; they say. Again these people are not mindful of history. Africans in Guyana have been feeding theselves and building this country for 200 years before the first east indian labourer hit the shores of Guyana.

What the racist PPP supporters don’t understand however, is that we Afro-Guyanese are generally a good natured and kind people. Maybe it is because of how much we suffered historically, but we are consumed by this notion of fairness, which shackles us. We have no real loyalty to race, we will shop from people of any race. We care for sick of any race. We teach the children of any race. We investigate crimes and protect the homes of people of any race. Unfortunately, those attributes are not respected by the racist, power hungry PPP cabal and their brainwashed minions.

Jagdeo has miscalculated however. The ABC blind mice have also miscalculated. The ambitious ‘small fries’ party leaders have also miscalculated. So strong is their collective avarice and lust for power, that they are missing the little things. One little thing is that Africans will NEVER again be ruled or influenced by any government that includes the racist, maniacal Bharrat Jagdeo. Never!

1 thought on ““hungry belly black dawgs” will never subject themselves to Jagdeo’s rule again!

  1. JAGDEO OWNS PPP and he has the aptitude of a Dictator. His buddies Infran and others some of which is related to me had their days of dishonesty. I know things. The House Lot Man without any proven credentials is running for president for the PPP. What about the Rice marketing Board accountant who was deported to Guyana from Canada. He left his money hidden in Canada. He subsequently serving 3 years prison in Guyana for embezzling Rice Marketing Board Money. This crime was done during the PPP regime. Jagdeo always appoint a Puppet whom he can control. Where is ASHNI SINGH now?. Jagdeo is fooling lots of STEREO TYPE GUYANESE. There is lots of RUMOURS of PPP MEMBERS as THIEVES. I believe this to an Extent.
    Charrandas is a two face opportunist who jumped fence. I saw a video with him blemishing PPP regime, ironically now he is contradicting the regime of PNC and AFC. Is this a HOAX?.
    In summary Guyana was not ready for REPUBLIC. Guyana should only have Independence. People of Guyana vote because of PIGMENTATION, previously called “APAN GHAT” This is the major problem. WHITE PEOPLE IS STILL THE SUPERIOR RACE. We blacks and indians still have to be EVOLVED. We are struggling for MATERIALS STUFFS yet. This is still the 3rd stage of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. We did not reach the 4th and final stage of SELACTUALING. What should be done to avoid THEFT?. Get a proper Financial STATEMENT before and After a REGIME of any JURISDICATION in Politics by an INTERNATIOAL FORENSIC ORGANIZATION. Racist Guyanese should think of CHANGES not RACISM. GUYANESE POLITICIANS SHOULD NOT BAD MOUTH THEIR OPPOSITIONS LEADERS and MEMBERS. They should SPEAK about PROPER ELECTION PLATFORMS which should be Honoured. RACISM SCREWED GUYANA UP. It should be treated as British Guyana still. It was not matured for REPUBLIC. It should be like Canada.
    Lots of Guyanese is collecting OLD AGE PENSIONS and Hiding their Money in Guyana and is living ABROAD. This is unfair to both COUNTRIES. Guyana are materialist people. BLACK Guyanese are not as ambitious as INDO Guyanese. Police and military should be balance equally. This was the desire of BALRAM SINGH RAI why he was ousted from Politics. Because Guyanese think as racist not Guyanese.
    The Cia and JFK was blamed for Guyana`s destruction mainly during the Event of the “Bay of Pigs” as an excuse. I don’t know whether this is true.
    Also I don’t blame Moses Nagamooto because he was not treated appropriately by PPP. He did not forsee the consequences. I would have been Egoestic similarly. The only appropriate member who could have chosen for President is Anil Nandalall but after listening to him he also has his faults about bad mouthing Opposition continuously. He should speak about beneficial election platforms which should be fulfilled to all Guyanese. Somehing that would help all unfortunate Guyanese with better Standard Of Living.
    Remember “Unity we stand and Divided we fall”. This world is a Theatre. Good Acting prevails and impresses. Everyone has a Skeleton in his or her Closet. All is not Gold that Glitters. This is what is going on in Guyana by ALL POLITICIANS. Their are all MATERIALIST. PROFICEY from ST LUKE, ST MARK and ETC will be Fulfilled.
    I am a Hindu by birth, but I don’t have DISTINCTIONS.

    People of Guyana should think as Guyanese not as Racist. Covet and neither Death do not have Distinctions in Class and Creed.
    Please correct my grammar/ I have Scientific and mathematical knowledge mainly.

    God Bless.

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