The attack on Guyana by the Descendants of Colonizers (Part 1)

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The world watched as the news unfolded about Guyana’s projection for unimaginable wealth. As the oil companies discovered well after well and Block after block of oil (Black Gold), experts from the most reputable media organizations across the world and experts in the oil industry headed down to Guyana. Guyana it was determined was the place to be.

Meanwhile Guyanese were asleep (fucking snoring)

However the APNU/AFC Government a Government made up of Six Party’s but predominantly supported by African Guyanese voters were already showing the world what they had done for Guyana in less than five years without oil Money. The comparison against 23 years of the previous administration lead by PPP/C with predominately Indian supporters was stark. The PPPC leadership enriched themselves and their immediate supporters, building hotels and businesses all across the country; leaving the masses ignorant and hungry while abusing every system of governance under the laws of Guyana, even refusing to to elevate the poor to any type of acceptable living standards.

Now the International community headed by the know descendants of colonizers were watching on as they are vultures of anarchy they have determined 1. leader of the APNU/AFC headed by DAVID GRANGER is a force for change of the racist society that is Guyana.
The Descendants of Colonizers then started their plan to destroy the credibility of the Government of the day.

  1. Canada, using their citizen protection laws, assisted the The PPP/C to overthrow President David Granger by way of a no confidence vote. The prevailing thought is that there was no way the Canadians did not know what was happening. Indeed they would have had to seek permission to provide the type of protection for the AFC parliamentarian who voted yes on the no confidence vote. It is clear that the Canadians colluded with the PPP/C and to mitigate it they threw Irfaan Ali to the wolves, denying him entry into their country on the basis that he was before the court on 19 fraud charges. The purpose was to appear unbiased and to appease the masses.
  2. The American descendants of slave owners have shown openly that they are in collusion with the PPP/C. Both the Ambassador and the leaders of the Carter Center played a role in the questionable ruckus orchestrated by the PPP/C leaders at the office of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).
  3. It is clear that the diplomatic community gave open support to anarchy by refusing to speak to the racial hatred meted out by the predominantly Indian PPP/C supporters who openly attacked Black nurses, police men and school children during their racist uprising and post election racial attacks in Bath Settlement, Bush Lot, Lusignan and several communities in Berbice predominantly inhabited by the PPP racist supporters.

Part 2 to follow…

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