Guyana Private Sector Leaders Attempt To Pervert The Course Of Justice By Pressuring The CCJ

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by Roseann Primo
Georgetown, Guyana – March 27, 2019 – Yesterday, the Private Sector Commission appealed to the Caribbean Court of Justice for ‘speedy review’ of the No Confidence Vote appeal; emphasizing that foreign businesses with with they engage are afraid to invest in Guyana because of the political climate.

While we are clear about the political motives that drive the ‘sweetie stand’ brigade to engage racially motivated propaganda to achieve their nefarious goals, we are confident that smart business people from around the world are aware of the opportunities Guyana offers and continue to arrive in droves daily. Go to the airport and see for yourself who the first twenty people off of any flight to Guyana are.

When discussing the Private Sector Commission of Guyana, it is important to understand context. The commission is a Merchant entity. Most of their members specialize in the buying and selling of imported goods. They have money and influence but no real desire to innovate or even develop Guyana. They demand local content protection but most of them have nothing to offer a foreign partner–no innovation, no skills, no trained employee workforce, no ideas, NOTHING! All they want is money!!! A piece of the pie and they share very little of it with regular Guyanese.

It is important to note that most of these guys who are leading the rest of the uninformed PSC down a treacherous path are dull, dim witted individuals who specialize in hiring citizens for jobs like security guards, container off loaders, store girls and boys, cleaners and Accountants, to count their money. Many of their employees work for 10, 20, 30 years with no advancement or significant salary increase. For confirmation, read the classified ads in the daily Newspapers.

The truth is, since the leadership of the coalition government, drug trafficking has grounded to a halt. Drugs money is not flowing in the economy so many are feeling the financial squeeze. These PSC “wanna be” big wigs HAVE NO ABILITY, NO CAPACITY TO develop Guyana. They are merchants who cheat on government contracts, who under-pay staff, who express extreme hatred and racism, who do not invest in employee development, who do not innovate, come up with new ideas or offer any creative or Scientific value to the country. They are “sweetie stand” companies with money, mostly from 23 years of illicit business dealing, and all they do is copy other people’s ideas, and open up more and more ‘sweetie stands’ every day in Guyana. These unimaginative whiners import items like water, tamarind balls, plantain chips, salt beef–they even import sugar. They are a scourge to our nation’s development. We challenge them to tell us of 5 PSC member companies that have sent a staff member to any learning institution for training and development of their own companies!

We therefore challenge the PSC to name any of those businesses who report being afraid to visit and invest in Guyana? Instead of peddling racially motivated propaganda, we challenge the PSC lead by example. We challenge Guyana’s business merchants to innovate and produce creative goods and services. Invest in bicycle, tyre, or boat factories or any factories.

It is a sad reflection on our private sector that 90% of our Marine, Mechanical, Computer and Electrical Engineers leave our shores every year? Why are our Marketing, Medicine and Arts Professionals and graduates of the University of Guyana not able to contribute meaningfully to the development of Guyana? The major reason is that our private sector is not comprised of innovators, creatives and critical thinkers, so they are not the engines of growth our county needs to develop.

The Merchant Private sector Commission leadership are parasites; a burden on Guyana. Their goal is not to grow Guyana’s economy, they are satisfied with enriching themselves, while spreading racism and disease with the goods and services they sell. Many of them retard the development of their workers and subject them to hot, crowded, unhealthy work environments. Occupation safety and health officers should be frequently visiting these shameful charlatans to help improve working conditions for their employees. These merchants have failed Guyana.

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