Joe Singh’s Hypocrisy!

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Joe Singh has long held himself to the unknowing as a good citizen of sterling character. In his next letter Mr. Singh may want to answer a few questions so that we know how fit and proper he is to comment on anything.

In 1973, President Granger has said publicly that he was stationed at Camp Stephenson, near Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Was Mr Singh an officer stationed at Camp Ayanganna? Was he the officer in charge of Camp Ayanganna when the ballots of the just concluded general elections were taken there? Why has Mr. Singh stayed silent about his role in 1973, knowing that it was he who was in charge of Camp Ayanganna at the time, and not President Granger?

During the week of June 13, 1980, when Dr. Walter Rodney was killed, President Granger, then Commander of the GDF, was in Yugoslavia and North Korea. Was Mr Singh the acting Commander of the GDF that week?

During the period 2000 to 2009 Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo was President of Guyana. Also during that period, the murders of 1431 Guyanese of all races were recorded. Mr. Singh’s son, James Singh, was alleged to have been a member of the death squads alleged to be responsible for some or all of those murders. Did Mr. Joe Singh instruct the guards at his home to leave the yard gates open so that James Singh could drive into their shared yard more easily?

 After President Granger met Queen Elizabeth in 2017, the Konashen Protected Area was accredited by the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, consistent with President Granger’s and Queen Elizabeth’s shared commitment to battle climate change. The toshao of Masakenari, Toshao Paul Chekema, put his signature consenting to the accreditation of the Protected Area.  Did Mr. Singh soon afterward tell Toshao Chekema that by consenting to the accreditation, Toshao Chekema was giving the land to the Queen so that she could take it? Did Mr Singh also travel to London, England to claim that Toshao Chekema signed consent because he had been forced to sign by the Government of Guyana?

Would Mr. Singh set the record straight for the skeptics?

Colonel (Retired) Guyana Defence Force (GDF)

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