New Study Reveals Pervasive Racial Discrimination In Guyana!

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Over the past 23 years of PPPC abuse, there has developed an unspoken apartheid system and it runs though out industries and organisations in Guyana. Evidence who owns the media, businesses in general, who receives the contracts, who builds the huge buildings, who is able to access loans to finance and grow their businesses, who gets to abuse the justice system and walk away; after 23 years of vile PPPC atrocities and abuse from which Indians benefited, Afro-Guyanese were relegated to second class citizenship, and many are too ashamed to say out loud what they live every day.

In law for example, apart from the handful of notable Black attorneys who are doing well, the average Indian lawyers get access to the more lucrative contracts, charge higher rates and maintain a closed network for Indians by Indians, only throwing crumbs to their African colleagues who tend to be immensely grateful. This apartheid system is a remnant of the racist PPPC 23 years of victimisation of Black people in Guyana.

In business, Indians dominate across all industries. They leverage relationships at local banks and their own private networks with their money laundering colleagues to finance their business operations. While Afro-Guyanese declare business ownership at roughly the same rate of Indo-Guyanese, Afro-Guyanese businesses are often starved of capital, access to contracts and subject to longer wait times for payment. The unspoken reality is that Indians dominate in business because they have easier access to capital and contracts to ensure their success. Observe for yourself.

In Agriculture, Bharrat Jagdeo’s PPPC made lands for agriculture available to indians in massive numbers. One example is the MMA project which will cost Guyanese taxpayers $1Billion dollars to repay, and which has opened up thousands of acres of agricultural lands for commercial farming. 90% of the MMA lands have been allocated to East Indians, who often lease 5 to 10 acres for paltry sums. Many of them even refuse to pay their annual lease fees and still sublet those lands at higher prices to real farmers.

The PPPC in 23 years, took affirmative steps to decimate, undermine, destroy and otherwise impede the progress of African Guyanese in Guyana. They sanctioned the extrajudicial murders of more than 400 Guyanese, they propped up their flagging economy by turning a blind eye to drug dealers and money launders, many of whom today, cavort with members of the diplomat corp, pretending decency.

There is no going back to PPPC rule for African Guyanese. We will never again relegate our children to discrimination, crime and subserviency. GECOM must more forward with the declaration process and swear in President Granger. African Guyanese and all right thinking coalition supporters will accept nothing less.

2 thoughts on “New Study Reveals Pervasive Racial Discrimination In Guyana!

  1. This is such a powerful article! No going, back also means more equality in thr press African Guyanese must produce more race-realist articles like this every day & African guyanese must re-invigorate african comeraderie across the caribbean. The racist, dishonest dominance of fake news about Guyana, that excludes the facts of this article is inexcusable! How is it possible for the indian narrative of Guyanese history & politics, takes precedent & main stage throughout the caribbean, the us, uk & canada?? ETHNO NETWORKING! Keep witing about the racist abuse in guyana since cheddi jagan & his racist wife! Dr. Kean Gibsona books must be read by all african cariubeans, us & uk
    (1) The Cycle Of Racial Oppression in Guyana
    (2) Sacred Duty: Hinduism & Violence in Guyana

  2. “Dr. Velu Annamalai-The Black Untouchables Of India” Youtube Full Version is 1:40:15
    This is undoubtebly, the most important lecture on Indian racism &Indian african relations ever filmed. There is a short, 5 min introduction by a Guyanese man, but the entire lecture was given by Dr. Annamalai to an african american audience. As an indian national, born and raised into what he describes as enslavement by Brahminists (Hindus) in india, as what they refer to as an “Untouchable”.
    Dr. Annamalai quotes liberally from brahminist texts, and sheds light on the doctrine’s mindset towards african people. Interestingly, this lecture goes far beyond confirming Dr Kean Gibson’s scholarship on brahminism’s mindset towards african people, but also warns africans of the potent anti-african hate,scorn & dishonesty within indian society based on ‘sacred’ scriptures that are the backbone of Brahminism. It is shocking, to hear an indian actually war africans about the DISHONESTY of his co-ethnics on their religion’s racism…”They will lie to you” !!! he says with assurance & conviction.
    Is it possible that born &bred guyanese like Freddy Kissoon, David Hinds, and all those who attacked Dr. Kean Gibson, know MORE about brahminism/Hinduism, than an actual indian national, born & raised in the religion & ancestral lands of Indian Guyanese???I would love to see & hear kissoon & hinds dismiss THIS lecture!! Every african man, woman & schoolchild in Guyana, the caribbean & the entire world must see this lecture that was meant for them.

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