World Powers Make Moves To Control Oil Wealth In Guyana; Support Fraudulent Elections

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Keep in mind that before oil, the PPPC had not held local government elections in 23 years, they encouraged drug dealers and money launders to build huge building and to bolster the flagging economy, they encouraged the sanction of extrajudicial killings, the imprisonment of political prisoners, the killing of Waddell and Crum-Ewing and Linden protestors and THE CITIZENS OF GUYANA COULD NOT GET THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO ISSUE ONE CONDEMNATION OF THEIR EVIL RULE.

How ironic it is that these powers do not have their own houses in order; the UK with BREXIT, the US with voter fraud and disenfranchisement of Black voters, Canada has a horrible reputation of oppression of its indigenous peoples; we can go on and on, yet they play a heavy hand in Guyana and even before the election has been called, ABC countries and observers have turned a blind eye to the massive fraud perpetrated by the PPP and they have interfered to the point where, the PPP emboldened, have encouraged their supporters to take to the streets, attack children, police and destroy property with impunity.

The end goal for the international community is to install their own grateful dictator into government. Granger cannot be controlled or compromised, so he is a threat to their plans. They already know that Jagdeo is power hungry and ruthless and that Irfaan is greedy, so they would be easy to control.

Jagdeo and Irfaan both would do well to remember that the deal they make with the international community is a deal with the devil. Jagdeo and Irfaan must follow the history about dictators around the world who were chosen and propped up by the world powers, things didn’t end well for any of them.

2 thoughts on “World Powers Make Moves To Control Oil Wealth In Guyana; Support Fraudulent Elections

  1. Well on my behalf i like to say that we need development not killings and drugs so thats what this country need or let the young ones take over and allow the older folkes relax

  2. Guyana needs a patriotic government that addresses its development for its people. Guyanes must take full control for all of its natural resorces to provide a resovoir of skilled labourers, develop an effective health care system for its people, develop physical infrastructure to facilitate industry and communication by land, sea, air and internet.

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