Politics Is Everything & Everything is Politics

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Georgetown, Guyana – Many citizens of Guyana are cynical and jaded about politics and politicians and boldly declare, “I don’t vote” or “I won’t be voting” or “this is exchange not change”.  The fact of the matter is, in politics, change happens very slowly, even more slowly when citizens are not engaged or limit their engagement to negative facebook posts.

Politics is your roads, your schools, your hospitals, jobs, crime, water and all those critical services which can make life outstanding, bearable or hell.  Media and citizens therefore play and important role in politics, in that they have to work tirelessly to get the changes they want to see.  When you refuse to participate, you abdicate your role in the democratic process and change becomes that much more difficult.

Our goal is to bring political commentary to Guyanese readers in short articles and in a fair and balanced way.  We align with no political party, and we believe in fairness and participation by all.

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